How to Support the Slow Food Movement in San Diego

Learn about Slow Food – Become a member
Slow Food is a global grassroots movement to connect people to good food and their community resources. Slow Food is a way of saying way no to fast food. Slow Food means living an unhurried life. The movement promotes biodiversity as well as retaining culture and regional traditions. Slow Food was founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini in Rome who was opposed to the construction of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps.

Today there are over 100,000 members in 1500 local chapters worldwide. Each chapter promotes local artisans, local farmers, and local flavors through regional events such as Taste Workshops, wine tastings, and farmers’ markets.

There are many local chapters for the San Diego area, pick one close to you:

Slow Food San Diego – North County
Slow Food San Diego – Urban
Slow Food Solano
Slow Food Temecula

Vote with your dollars
Your conscious decision of where you buy food has an impact on your health and your community. Choosing to go to restaurants that support local farmers, ranchers and fisherman go along way to keep their businesses thriving and to keep the quality of your food at its best.

Slow Food does not cost more
Many people are discouraged by high priced organic products found at artisan food festivals as well as some high-end organic food stores, but that doesn’t mean all local fresh products are expensive. It takes a bit of common sense and some awareness of what you have available near you. In southern California you don’t have to go far to find a farmers market or wholefood store. Some farmers sell produce from their driveway. You need to price compare like you would with any type of shopping. This time you are buying for quality.

Being a member of the Slow Food movement you will find many resources to show you how to plan your meals for the seasons and how to get the best bang for the buck. We have been conditioned to gravitate towards fast food out of convenience and perhaps laziness. To participate in Slow Food you must embrace the craft of cooking. For health reason above all you must regain your relationship with food.

Here is a sample of restaurants that promote Slow Food:

Sea Rocket Bistro
– Spread
– Stingaree
– Stone World Bistro
– Tender Greens

Recruit your friends and family
Spread the good news. Eat well, lose weight, get healthy, support your local farmer and do something positive for the environment. If you are asking yourself “what can I do?”, then invite some family and friends to a Slow Food event. Turn them on to the real flavor of good food.  Seek out locally grown, pesticide-free, hormone-free produce and meats. When more and more people start concerning themselves with the quality of their food a market demand is created. As this trend grows we will find more opportunities to get fresh food from the farm to the table.

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