Best Pizza in San Diego

Here is a short list of the top 10 pizzerias in the San Diego area. We arrived at these top restaurants by combining lists and comments on the internet by people who have tried these restaurants and food writers. We also compared  them to online city voting lists and online magazines.

After reviewing these lists, you begin to see a pattern of most popular pizzerias overall. It is a good filter because these are lists from 2012 so the restaurants are actually still in existence and they have been voted for in previous years like 2011 and 2010 which makes them the best bet for quality and consistency. Let’s take a look:

1 – Bronx Pizza
The most mentioned pizza restaurant as well as highest ranked was Bronx Pizza. It is located on Washington street in the Hillcrest area. They make a New York styled pizza with a thin crust made with premium ingredients yet not expensive. The hand tops the dough just like in the Bronx. Learn more about Bronx Pizza here.

2 – Filippi’s Pizza Grotto
Another San Diegan favorite is Filippi’s and the have multiple locations in which you can try a slice or two. I counted 13 locations that cover most of San Diego and even include parts of the Inland Empire north by Riverside. They are most famous for their location in downtown San Diego in “Little Italy”. They claim all of these restaurants are still run by family members. It’s a big family. The restaurants also feature a little Italian grocery store that you walk through before getting to the dining area. The locals will tell you that the lines in front of the place are definitely worth it and they move fast.

3 – Pizza Port
Started by Vince and Gina Marsaglia originally in Solana Beach. They have grown in popularity to include more locations like Carlsbad, San Clemente, and Ocean Beach. It has the typical laid back atmosphere of a beach joint with picnic table seating, but the pizza is magnificent! They also brew their own handcrafted beer and won “Small BrewPub of the Year”. What a great combination.

4 – Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria
For the deep dish lovers, ya gotta go to Lefty’s. They have two locations, one in Mission Hills off of Goldfinch and the other in North Park on 30th. Obviously themed with Chicago stuff so if you are home sick for Illinois this is your place. Lefty’s is a mom and pop shop. Its a small place so you may want to consider ordering to-go. Learn more about Lefty’s Pizzeria here.

5 – Pizzeria Luigi’s
There are two locations owned by Luigi Agostini. One in North Park and the other in Golden Hill which was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Both are neighborhood favorites and famous for hand tossed thin crust pizza pies. Good prices however,this is a cash only place so leave your cards at home. Learn more about Pizzeria Luigi’s here.

6 – Sicilian Thing
Since 2007 this little pizzeria has been located in North Park off of 30th street. They make New York thin crust and Sicilian think crusts that are light and crispy. Friendly and prompt service delivers fresh and plentiful ingredients. Very reasonably priced slices and pies. They also sell craft beers like Stone Pale Ale and Hop Head Red. This is yet another place that only takes cash. Learn more about Sicilian Thing here.

7 – Basic Urban Kitchen & Bar
This place is famous for their New Haven thin crust, coal-fired pizza. Located downtown about 10th avenue and J street in the east village in an old 1912 converted warehouse. Basic is kind of like a sports bar/warehouse lounge and has an industrial feel with an urban vibe. The Owner Jon Mangini also runs URBN Coal Fired Pizza in North Park and Vista. This is a must-try pizza place as they create pizzas with very unusual topping combinations, but taste excellent. Learn more about Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar here.

8 – Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza
Famous for their wood fired pizzas, Sammy’s has several locations from San Diego to Las Vegas. The first store opened in 1989 in La Jolla. The one that gets the most mention online is the one Downtown off 4th avenue. The decor is elegant. The owner, Sami Ladeki is also behind the Roppongi concept. Learn more about Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza here.

9 – Landini’s Pizzeria
You will find Landini’s snug down in San Diego’s historic Little Italy area off India Street by Horton Plaza. This is also a New York styled pizzeria with about 12 varieties including white pizza and a Sicilian. Slices or pies, the prices are low and the service is friendly and fast.

10 – URBN Coal Fired Pizza
If you are looking for craft pizza and craft beer in the same place, this is it, with locations in both North Park and Vista. Essentially this is the same concept as the Basic Uban Kitchen & Bar downtown. You are in total control of the price of your pizza, however, that said, the more you put on the pizza the more it will add to your tab.

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