Best Fish Tacos in San Diego

Fish tacos are a delicacy in San Diego and most people are familiar with the story of Ralph Rubio who built a successful fish taco franchise here. There is much debate as to how fish tacos came into being, but for most San Diegans that doesn’t matter. When they get a craving for their fish tacos don’t get in the way. There are many places to go for fish tacos, but we are going to concentrate on the ones that everyone raves about.

Rubio’s is the bar from which all fish tacos are measured.

Tin Fish
Located in San Diego at 170 6th Avenue and also under the pier at Oceanside.
Most of the taco options at Tin Fish feature grilled seafood with no breading, and are enormous. You can get them a la carte, or in platters of one or two tacos with cole slaw and seasoned waffle fries. Much of the fish is grilled but the cod can be fried as well as other seafood options. They come with chopped cabbage, fresh salsa, hot sauce, white sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. See more of the Tin Fish info.

Mamá Testa Taqueria
Located in the Hillcrest area. Most of the locals like the Mividita Tacos, a lightly fried catfish with coleslaw and queso fresco piled in a crunchy shell. Mama Testa is the closest thing to authentic, just like you would get crossing the border into Mexico. See more of the Mamá Testa Taqueria info.

South Beach Bar & Grill
Located in the heart of Ocean Beach, South Beach Bar & Grill is a seafood restaurant that opened in 1992. You can get grilled or fried fish tacos. All come with soft flour tortilla, with cheese, red cabbage, salsa fresca and white sauce. You can also try Shark or Lobster tacos while watching the sun go down into the ocean. See more of South Beach Bar & Grill info.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood
You will find quality fresh Mexican seafood in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, San Diego and now Ocean Beach with Oscar’s Mexican Seafood. They have 99 cent fish tacos during happy hour. Locals recommend the Especial which is a big taco made with fish, shrimp, and scallops, served with cabbage, onion, tomato and cilantro. See more of Oscar’s Mexican Seafood info.

The Fish Shop in PB
This taco and beer joint is located ion the corner of Garnet & Kendall in Pacific Beach. Choose your fish, seasoning, and how you want it cooked. They deliver to you at a big outdoor communal table. Fabulous aioli sauce, cajun, chipotle, etc. This is a laid back restaurant close to the beach. See more of The Fish Shop info.

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