The Wood

4190 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (858) 750-2512

Cuisine: Southwest

Why come? Three floors of PB decadence. Panoramic ocean view rooftop deck, coastal casual dining and a “Cheers”-like bar on main floor, decked out with beach games. We pride ourselves on our atmosphere, our mouth watering cuisine and most importantly, OUR TEAM. We will take care of you. This is home and our life. Life’s better at The Wood!


  1. […] The Wood in Pacific Beach This is an awesome property only a stones throw from the beach. Three levels of entertainment; Reds Saloon, then the restaurant and topped off with a roof top patio for ocean viewing. This is a large place for meeting friends and even having a little private party. Multiple 50-inch TVs and three 10 foot projection screens makes for ample viewing of your favorite games. They have all kinds of discount specials running so be sure to check out their website for what’s current. They especially cater to cheese-heads. For location and restaurant information click here. […]